domenica 30 ottobre 2011

Happy Birthday to my Hubby!!

Today is Andres's Birthday!!! YAY 25th birthday! Now he's an old fart!! JK!  In our house we get the whole weekend for birthday weekend (except for me. I get a week ;))!! Just wanted to wish him Happy day of birth again! Thanks Mum and Ded for making the perfect husband for me :)

My Handsome Birthday Boy! <3

Friday we loaded up on junk food for the weekend and pretty much camped out in the living room. Lots of Singstar, Mario Kart, and Mortal Kombat. Just what the birthday boy wanted. Today we were supposed to go  bowling but I fell and hurt my wrist so we took the kids to the park instead.

I love you Hun One! I hope you got the birthday you were hoping for! 

martedì 25 ottobre 2011

Grey skies are gonna clear up so put on a happy face :)

It's so ugly outside today. The weather people said it'll be like this all day. Even through the ugliness I can't help but smile. I was supposed to write this forever ago but it's been pretty crazy around here trying to finish the house.

October 7th I was having a hard time sleeping thanks to jet lag. Andres had come home from dropping a friend off so he could borrow her car. He took me outside where he had a comfy blanket set and decided since were both up we'd sit outside and watch the sunrise together. <3  Oh how he takes my breath away. :)

 Patiently waiting...

Unfortunately it was a yucky, rainy day out. That didn't matter though because it was just us. Just us, the rain.... and some Roosters.  The sun never came up but Andres and I had he best time together. It was the most relaxing morning we had in MONTHS. We sat outside for about an hour or more but the sky wasn't clearing up and I was finally getting tired so we called it a morning. Best morning EVER.

It was the perfect morning.

Gloomy sad day...

Turned into one of the most beautiful days I've seen here.

Put on a happy face!
Bex & Co.

martedì 4 ottobre 2011

Getting Settled

I am soooo in LOVE with this place. IT's absolutely beautiful here. Germany was beautiful but this is just different. The culture and the people. It's just so different and I love it!

First let me talk about the drive here. Ive been on many road trips in my life but this was by far the best. I was dreading the 10 hour drive but I would do it again any day. It was breathtaking. Ten hours of beautiful scenery. Andres and I were never bored. Beautiful tall green trees, rolling hills, and lots of vineyards. I wish I could have taken pictures but I drove until we got out of country. Then there was Austria. We passed a big lake full of gorgeous sail boats and mountain after beautiful mountain! Some even had snow on top! It was so hot! How is that possible?! This lil Texas girl was in awe of the beautiful mountains. Everything is so flat in San Antonio! The boys love love loved driving through the mountains.

We got into Aviano around 8pm and I have to be honest.... I HATED it! It was too country for me and I thought the drive into Aviano was just too gorgeous to end up here. Too many cornfields and it just looked deserted. Our hotel was great though. It was like a cute little apartment. We ate dinner and quickly went to bed. It was a LONG day. Waking up the next day, I was still a little iffy about Aviano. It wasn't the Italy I remembered from when I was 16. We went on base and it made me so sad. Coming from Ramstein AFB where they have the biggest BX in the world to Aviano where the BX is so small it's connected to the commissary. They barely had anything!

Day 3 came and I finally saw Italy and fell in love. The mountains are so beautiful here. UGH! It's just indescribable! It was also the day we found our house!!! I saw it online and it had to be mine. I didn't even want to look at other houses. I just knew this was the one. We were so excited that we showed up to our appointment 2 hours early and thank God we did because another couple showed up right as we were dropping the contract off with the realtor.

The house is ours!!! We are comfortably in our house trying to get all our house stuff where it needs to be. I have so many ideas for this house.

                                           My amazing terrace that will be used for many BBQs
                                                      My house <3
                                                    I absolutely love this view :)

"A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of love and dreams"