martedì 3 gennaio 2012

If you're going through hell...

Well you know those times
When you feel like there's a sign there on your back
Says I don't mind if ya kick me
Seems like everybody has
Things go from bad to worse
You'd think they can't get worse than that
And then they do

You step off the straight and narrow
And you don't know where you are
Use the needle of your compass
To sew up your broken heart
Ask directions from a genie
In a bottle of Jim Beam
And she lies to you
That's when you learn the truth

If you're going through hell
Keep on going, don't slow down
If you're scared, don't show it
You might get out
Before the devil even knows you're there

Well I been deep down in that darkness
I been down to my last match
Felt a hundred different demons
Breathing fire down my back
And I knew that if I stumbled
I'd fall right into the trap that they were laying, yeah

But the good news
Is there's angels everywhere out on the street
Holding out a hand to pull you back up on your feet
The one's that you've been dragging for so long
You're on your knees
You might as well be praying
Guess what I'm saying

If your going through hell
Keep on going, don't slow down
If you're scared don't show it
You might get out
Before the devil even knows you're there

-If You're Going Through Hell- Rodney Atkins

New drama...don't be dumb and think stuff from this year isn't gonna follow you. Be real here. Whatever BS or drama you got, nip that on the butt by the end of January and keep it moving.-I read this online... It's so true.

It's a new year and the time of year everyone makes their resolutions and reflects on things they'd like to change. Normally I don't participate in things like that because I just have little things I want to fix. But this year seems to be different. The last few months have been RIDICULOUS. My family life has been amazing but there have been other parts of me that I definitely need to change. I've seen myself become this angry, bitter, evil person I haven't seen in myself since middle school.What do I have to be angry about?!! I have an AMAZING family! And I live in ITALY!  So right now I'm declaring that ugliness gone. It's not who I am and it's not who I want to be. I definitely don't  want my kids seeing that either. This song "If You're Going Through Hell" will be my anthem of 2012. No matter what happens in life I'm just going to keep going forward. If someone is trying to kick me while I'm down I just need to learn to get up, move past it and not let it effect me because really the only people I should focus on are God and my family. The negativeness inside me and the negative people around me need to go. I can't try and hold onto friendships that just aren't meant to be because in the end the only person I'm hurting is myself. I can't focus on the things that can't be changed or the mistakes I've made but I can move forward and be a better person. So this year will be a year of learning for me! Wish me luck! I wish all of you luck in your adventures in 2012! 

Keep on Keepin' on!