martedì 25 ottobre 2011

Grey skies are gonna clear up so put on a happy face :)

It's so ugly outside today. The weather people said it'll be like this all day. Even through the ugliness I can't help but smile. I was supposed to write this forever ago but it's been pretty crazy around here trying to finish the house.

October 7th I was having a hard time sleeping thanks to jet lag. Andres had come home from dropping a friend off so he could borrow her car. He took me outside where he had a comfy blanket set and decided since were both up we'd sit outside and watch the sunrise together. <3  Oh how he takes my breath away. :)

 Patiently waiting...

Unfortunately it was a yucky, rainy day out. That didn't matter though because it was just us. Just us, the rain.... and some Roosters.  The sun never came up but Andres and I had he best time together. It was the most relaxing morning we had in MONTHS. We sat outside for about an hour or more but the sky wasn't clearing up and I was finally getting tired so we called it a morning. Best morning EVER.

It was the perfect morning.

Gloomy sad day...

Turned into one of the most beautiful days I've seen here.

Put on a happy face!
Bex & Co.

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