domenica 30 ottobre 2011

Happy Birthday to my Hubby!!

Today is Andres's Birthday!!! YAY 25th birthday! Now he's an old fart!! JK!  In our house we get the whole weekend for birthday weekend (except for me. I get a week ;))!! Just wanted to wish him Happy day of birth again! Thanks Mum and Ded for making the perfect husband for me :)

My Handsome Birthday Boy! <3

Friday we loaded up on junk food for the weekend and pretty much camped out in the living room. Lots of Singstar, Mario Kart, and Mortal Kombat. Just what the birthday boy wanted. Today we were supposed to go  bowling but I fell and hurt my wrist so we took the kids to the park instead.

I love you Hun One! I hope you got the birthday you were hoping for! 

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  1. it sounds like an awesome weekend. and i hope your wrist feels better!