domenica 6 novembre 2011

Don't rain on my parade

It's been a rainy few day this weekend. Yesterday was our family pajama day. That's always lots of fun but today I NEEDED to get out. The weekends it usually my only time to see the outside world because Andres has the van during the week and by the time he gets home it's dark and no fun. So today we went to the Antique market in Aviano. I wish I would have taken pictures of the stuff but I always get intimidated by the people at the tables and don't know if they'd allow it. We saw so many ollllllld cameras and lots of cool stuff for the house. Even saw one of those old school manual pencil sharpeners they had at school on the walls. You know the one where you could changed the hole for pencil size?! I should have bought it hahaha. I hope they have another market soon because there was so much cool stuff and I'll go better prepared next time. I'm an idiot and left my euro at home. Oops!

Anyway, I bought some awesome new rainboots and today was the perfect day to wear them! Yay for motorcycle rain boots!!  I wanted to be comfy for walking around so here's my outfit for the day. 

 I see many more pictures in this chaise lounge. Pinup photo shoot?!

Played with makeup this morning. I wanted to keep it bright for this yucky day. 

Yucky day.

My babies <3

Ciao for now! 

3 commenti:

  1. I bet you have the coolest antique market!! I would love one of .those pencil sharpeners! I always enjoy your posts and pictures.

  2. Thanks Stacy!! Next time I will try to be more brave and take pictures.

  3. you look adorable and i love seeing pics of the boys!!! good luck with finding awesome things from the next market!